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Given no discovering of discrimination, there was no need to consider whether the employer had accommodated the worker to the purpose of undue hardship. As might be anticipated, the distribution of nationalities throughout the occupational strata is much from random or impartial. The unique histories and circumstances of every population’s recruitment and migration to Bahrain and the differential occupational status contribute to the variable social structures inside and among every of the nationalities in Bahrain. Most apparent is the clear occupational hierarchy linked to nationality.Less apparent to observers are the hierarchies inside nationalities.

Family Members Eligible For Coverage (Continued)

This could include requests for medical or other information to help or affirm the household obligation, and may embrace such questions as whether or not the employee is the primary or only caregiver. The Tribunal discovered that the employer’s demand for extra data and its eventual termination choice were not discriminatory. The Tribunal’s view was that the employer’s requests have been affordable and the employee had not supplied sufficient information to establish a real drawback to her family relationship. On the latter level, it noted that the employee could have prepared evening meals simply as she had ready lunch meals beforehand – i.e. in advance of going to work.

Instead, they maintain momentary residency permits linked to employment contracts of two to three years in duration. Residence visas linked to brief-time period employment create a circumstance by which the international inhabitants is understood as relatively transient.

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