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Inductel Bouvier’s Law Dictionary Download, Version 17, Plus Legal Speller

A fiduciary is person, synonymous to a trustee, who has rights and powers which might usually belong to a different person and strict obligations in finishing up these rights. Fiduciary obligations additionally exist for persons other than trustees, such as between lawyer and client or principal and agent.

The placement of money or a doc with a third disinterested person , to be held by that particular person until the terms of a contract or agreement between two or more different individuals are met. The property is then launched in accordance with the phrases of the agreement or contract. Another example is an endorsement of claim, which signifies that if you wish to ask a courtroom to concern a writ in opposition to someone, you have to “endorse” your writ with a concise summary of the details supporting the claim, generally known as a press release of declare.

Besides oral testament, an object could be deposited with the court docket (e.g. a signed contract, a weapon). This is sometimes referred to as “real evidence.” In other rarer circumstances, proof could be circumstantial. A rule of law which, in accordance with an 1891 English court docket determination, is summarized as “a rule of evidence which precludes an individual from denying the truth of some statement previously made by himself”. Thus, when individual A, by act or words, offers individual B purpose to believe a sure set of information upon which individual … Read More