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How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost? Hidden Fees Revealed!

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What Does “Cash Only Bond” Mean?

A bond is posted on a defendant’s behalf, usually by a bail bond firm, to safe his or her launch. In United States, if an individual who’s a suspect doesn’t have sufficient sources to post the bail on his own, then he can hire a bail bond agent to submit the bail who will charge non-refundable fees. The fees approximately work out to be 10 to fifteen p.c of the bail amount.

Do You Still Have To Pay A Bonding Company If Charges Are Dropped?

Some people will want extra frequent examine-ins and a secure circle of family and friends. You may also need to deliver a few bail restoration agents, or bounty hunters, into your network to ensure you have assets if someone jumps bail. It is quite a method of securing a defendant’s agreement to abide by sure conditions and return to … Read More