How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost? Hidden Fees Revealed!

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What Does “Cash Only Bond” Mean?

A bond is posted on a defendant’s behalf, usually by a bail bond firm, to safe his or her launch. In United States, if an individual who’s a suspect doesn’t have sufficient sources to post the bail on his own, then he can hire a bail bond agent to submit the bail who will charge non-refundable fees. The fees approximately work out to be 10 to fifteen p.c of the bail amount.

Do You Still Have To Pay A Bonding Company If Charges Are Dropped?

Some people will want extra frequent examine-ins and a secure circle of family and friends. You may also need to deliver a few bail restoration agents, or bounty hunters, into your network to ensure you have assets if someone jumps bail. It is quite a method of securing a defendant’s agreement to abide by sure conditions and return to courtroom.

They seek help from a bail agent, or Bail Bondsman, who posts a Bail Bond for them. The dangerous information with a bail bond, is that, unlike with cash bail, you’ll not get the money you set down back. The cash you give the bail bondsman is the payment he costs to put in writing the bond.

In such a state of affairs the agent helps the suspect by paying the bond himself to the court docket and cost the suspect a non refundable charge for the service provided by the agent. If by any chance the suspect does … Read More