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Bail Bonds Are Subject To Garnishment

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Types Of Bail Bonding

The collateral could be returned to the defendant or anybody who posted on his/her behalf. The bail bondsman would hold the preliminary 10% cash payment as revenue for providers rendered. In most cases, extra money payment together with full collateral is required by the bail bondsman to be able to post bail. In order to post a bail bond, the defendant would want to pay the bail bondsman a percentage of the bail quantity; this is commonly set at 10% but it could possibly differ depending on the scenario.

The initial payment of $5,000 is stored by the bail bondsman for the service. The defendant appears in court – Once the case is concluded, the bail bond is dissolved.

Under Minnesota regulation, bail bonds are outlined as a type of insurance coverage and are regulated by the Commerce Department. Bail bond brokers, agencies and sureties should … Read More