Can You Get A Bond For A Felony?

criminal bail bonds

Bond Reductions

This may result in a situation whereby the bail bondsman arrests the defendant and the properties serving as collateral will have to be surrendered. If the bail amount was paid in money, will probably be forfeited. Quite typically on the information, we hear about someone being granted bail in courtroom.

Talk To A Bail Agent

The insurance coverage company agrees to reimburse the courtroom for the bail if the defendant doesn’t seem. However, issues might get very harmful if it occurs that the defendant fails to turn up on the court date.

Regardless of the end result of the case, this payment is never returned. The bail bond course of could be complicated and annoying, particularly if it’s your first time being charged with a criminal offense.

Of course, so as to post this sort of bond, a person must actually have the cash to post the bond in full. After the bond is posted, the defendant is released from jail. The bond amount is forfeited if the defendant doesn’t seem in courtroom. To defend their interests, bondsmen who’ve posted surety bonds will usually work with their purchasers to assure that they don’t miss their listening to dates. For those that meet the bondsman’s standards, the defendant should pay the bail bondsman a fee in the neighborhood of 10% of the bail bond amount (which is often a number of instances larger than the quantity at which the bail was originally set).

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