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Criminal Law Glossary

Respondent—The party who defends against a petition filed in courtroom. Frequently used in civil safety order cases to explain the one that could be the topic of a CPO. Resident—A one that lives in certain legally outlined area, such as a county or state. The law typically treats residents and non-residents of states in another way. Protective order—An order issued by a court requiring somebody named in that order to not take a certain action towards the particular person looking for the order.

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A individual involved with a probate continuing or with an estate should consult with a probate lawyer. Probate—The legal means of handling the property of a deceased particular person, involving figuring out that person’s belongings, paying their money owed, and distributing the remaining property to the deceased particular person’s heirs. Power of attorney—The authorized switch of decision-making energy from one individual to another, additionally the doc that formalizes that transfer. Pleadings—Legal paperwork filed in court docket, consisting of complaints or petitions, answers, cross claims, counterclaims, and third get together complaints, which inform the courtroom and the parties of the claims and defenses that the parties are elevating. Petition (see additionally grievance)—A legal document filed with a courtroom to begin a case, normally in a divorce case or when in search of a writ from that courtroom, setting out the authorized claims of the get together who filed it.

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