Tips How to Choose Lawyer / Advocate / Legal Consultant Services

Tips How to Choose Lawyer / Advocate / Legal Consultant Services

Along with the development of increasingly modern life dynamics, more and more legal problems faced by both individuals and corporations, both in the framework of prevention (preventive) and face the real complexity of problems in the field (repressive), the Advocate / Lawyer services are inevitable, especially in every problem and problematic life of business, family, and the relationship between the person and the country, all of which are governed by the rule of law.

 For this reason, the services of Lawyers / Advocates and Legal Consultants become a very important part of the development of increasingly complex and complex civilizations and life competition. To fulfill the need for legal services, several important points are needed before you decide in choosing the right legal services by the needs of the business reality or legal problems you face. Through this article, we try to provide several points that must be considered before you choose by choosing legal services, including:

 1. Choose who has a good track record

 One thing that must be considered from the start is the track record of lawyers/advocates / legal consultants that we will make a partnership. To find out this track record can be said to be easy and easy, that is because not all track records of a lawyer can be known easily. Of course, a legal consultant will try to display and show the strengths they have and as far as possible try not to show the deficiencies they have, for example about his career during being an advocate, some of the clients he has helped, and about the expertise he has about the case at hand. by prospective clients.

 2.Look for one that matches your problem problem

 It is very unlikely for anyone to give up something to someone who is not an expert, as well as to find a lawyer. What needs to be known by prospective clients, not all lawyers or legal advisers know or experts about legal issues that are / will and you face. This certainly will answer the ordinary people who seemed to generalize that all Law graduates are considered experts and understand all the laws that exist or you are facing. That is certainly not possible, considering that a Bachelor of Law in each of his lectures is directed to certain fields of law which certainly have differences from each other, although in general the whole of legal knowledge has been followed in lectures when studying education at each Faculty of Law. To justify this argument, we give examples, for example in every television broadcast and newspaper and other media some legal experts are certain legal specialists, such as civil, criminal or constitutional law experts and so forth. Just as there are doctors who are experts or specialists of Skin, Heart, Gynecology and so forth. Similar to law graduates, usually in the final semester directed to the subject of expertise by the interests and needs of each student.

 3. Prioritizing quality

Many also because of the high price then are reluctant to use and use legal services at the law office. Certainly not just expensive, but also certainly related to the quality of services provided. As the saying that we often hear “there is the price of goods”. Do not you immediately fear the high price, because the high price is usually directly proportional to the quality of services provided. Do not often be provoked at cheap prices, which in the end you become a victim. Lots of people looking for cheap ones will eventually fall into unsatisfactory service or even service that is outside the standard and habits.

The quality of the law office becomes a very important measure for you before choosing the existing law office as a partner to be part of you. Of course, you are at stake for the legal problems faced whether to be handled properly or not. Quality is once again directly proportional to price, the higher the price of a law office he wants to show the level of quality of service that he will provide. Similar to you in determining a fleet of aircraft in traveling, for example to America, there are the economy, business or even executive class. For that, do not ever be allergic to high prices, usually, prospective clients are reluctant to continue the conversation if the price offered by a lawyer is too expensive, it is certainly a fatal mistake, where every lawyer has their respective levels, as in the example above earlier, there are Economics, Business or even Executive classes.

 4. Have adequate experience

 Experience is the best teacher, that’s an expression that we often hear in our daily lives. The phrase is very true, because there is someone who in theory has extensive knowledge about a matter, but not necessarily in terms of practice in the field. Because experience requires forging and a process that is not easy to get through, for example by doing an internship and proceeding from the bottom to find out the ins and outs of handling a case, from there we will learn and realize the shortcomings of the case handling that we are or will handle. Experience is very closely related to quality, the more someone is experienced, then he will learn from the treatments he has handled, so that the more experiences he has gone through, the easier he will solve the problems he will face. But of course, the experience has its bargaining value, usually the experienced set different rates from other competitors who do not have adequate experience.