The Bail Project

The Bail Project


The Bail Bonds Process In Kansas

If you might be utilizing your money to publish a money bond for the defendant, please tell the clerk or jailer your name and address. or herself in to jail any time earlier than the defendant misses a court docket date. If the defendant is returned to the jail, you will want to file the required paperwork with the court docket. Bond allows an arrested person (defendant) to be released from jail till his or her case is accomplished.

How Can An Indemnitor Revoke A Bail Bond?

A bondsman is on the market 24 hours a day, 7 days every week to help you in a discreet and environment friendly way to get your beloved out of jail and again house safely. The examination prices round fifty-5 dollars and tests data such as the legal guidelines and regulations that apply to being a bondsman.

When your good friend or family member will get out on bail, they are expected to return to every court date that’s required of them. As the indemnitor–the one who signed the bail bond contract–you’re anticipated to ensure they make those court docket dates.

One of essentially the most commonly dedicated crimes we take care of is the Possession of Marijuana. Learn more about how we might help you get out of jail by studying abouthow bail works.

Remember, even when the defendant makes all court docket appearances, the Court can use the money bond to pay fines and costs. Whether you get the rest of your money or your collateral again is dependent upon what you and your bondsman agreed to within the contract. A surety bond will value you a surety bond payment AND a Sheriff’s charge of $25. You will not get any of the surety bondsman’s payment or the $25 back as a result of it is nonrefundable. If you don’t have the cash to cover the total bond quantity and the Sheriff’s fee, you might wish to rent a bondsman to bond yourself or another person out of jail.

Simply pay a small share of the total bail for inmates incarcerated in jail and we’ll begin the inmate release course of immediately. We frequently publish bond in Hidalgo County for several crimes including Possession of a Dangerous Controlled Substance and Theft.

The warrior who captured a bondsman and to whom they “belonged” was often known as the bondholder. Bondholders were charged with the training of their bondsmen, held answerable for their actions, and determined any appropriate punishment. The defendant must appear at all courtroom dates for the bond to stay active. Failure to look might end in lack of cash, collateral and, most significantly, the defendant’s freedom.