How Bail Bonds Work

How Bail Bonds Work

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Understanding the difference between felony regulation and civil regulation could be sophisticated, as there are many unique features to each situation. However, when you or your beloved is arrested, there may be little or no time to gather your defense and protect your rights. The first step after being arrested is to contact a bail bondsman in Texas. If you are behind bars, will probably be very difficult to understand your scenario and the potential consequences if you are found responsible.

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Every yr within the United States, millions of individuals are compelled to pay cash bail after their arrest or face incarceration earlier than trial. This is despite the fact that they are presumed innocent and haven’t been convicted of a criminal offense. To keep away from being locked up whereas their circumstances undergo the courts–which may typically take months or even years–people who can’t afford bail should pay a non-refundable charge to a for-profit bail bonds company to front the required bail amount. The monetary burden of this charge harms people, it harms families, and it disproportionately impacts Black and low-income communities. The solely winner is the bottom line of massive for-revenue businesses.

Getting a bail bond launch will let you keep your life as normal as attainable while you work together with your protection lawyer in preparation on your trial. Becker and others also level to the impact pretrial incarceration has on a person and their households. If someone can’t make their bail, they’re either forced to use a bail bondsman, put up collateral and pay 10 to 15 p.c of the entire bail that they received’t ever get again or they’ll sit in jail ready for his or her day in courtroom. Depending how long someone is waiting, they’ll lose their job and household stability in the meantime.

It just isn’t potential from a jail cell. Here at D&D Bail Bonds, we offer a fast jail release in Jackson County. We work carefully with local legislation enforcement, judges, and holding facilities to move the process along.

These harms are perpetuated by the massive insurance coverage firms that control the 2-billion dollar for-profit bail bonds trade, which is each unaccountable to the justice system and pointless to justice itself. Large companies whose only goal is revenue should not be the gatekeepers of pretrial detention and launch. The for-revenue bail system in the United States fuels mass incarceration and contributes to racial and financial inequalities.