Fertility testing for men in the UK

Fertility testing for men in the UK

Nowadays, men can control when they want to have children and when they want to stop having children. It is often thought that a man’s fertility can only be tested with a paternity test UK. However, it is becoming increasingly common to see men deciding to have a vasectomy to avoid the risk of getting their wives pregnant. If you are considering having this surgery, you should know that you will need to have your sperm tested every year. Products like the SpermCheck Vasectomy test UK help you test your sperm in a matter of minutes. These tests include everything you need to collect your semen sample and place it on the chemical reagent. When you buy one of these tests, you notice that there are 2 of them. Ideally, you should test between 2 and 4 months apart, every year.

At what age can you have a vasectomy?

Any man who has reached the age of majority can decide to have a vasectomy. Although some people may question this decision, it is better to see a man make the decision not to be a father because he knows he does not want to be a father than to see men who have children but do not take care of them. Married men may also decide to have a vasectomy once they have reached a certain age or number of children. For example, if a couple has two children and does not want to have any more, it is a good time to have a vasectomy. In a few rare cases, men decide to have a vasectomy because they have discovered that their genes promote malformations, causing serious problems during pregnancy.

Is a vasectomy reversible?

To understand how a vasectomy works, we must first explain how the male reproductive system works. There are tubes that carry sperm to the semen. What is done during a vasectomy is to cut these tubes so that sperm cannot pass through. The man will still be able to ejaculate, but his semen will not contain sperm. In some rare cases, these ducts re-attach, or semen leaks out. Although this happens in a tiny percentage, you certainly do not want it to happen to you. Likewise, if you ever decide you want to have children, some medical procedures will reverse the vasectomy, although the success rate will depend on many factors. Keep that in mind before you decide to have a vasectomy. Ideally, you should only do it when you are sure that you do not want to become a father.