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Alimony In A Divorce

I stay in North Carolina and want ANY help you can provide. I will provide any proof you require to show that what I am saying is true and any proof you want displaying any help you provide is really going to help me within the actual means it was meant for. Thank you for taking the time to read my request and for any assistance yo could possibly provide.

He fooled me and other people into believing he changed. With in a month of me coming back the abuse began once more. He is aware of financially I can’t make it on my own, and he at all times need me to pay something so that I have no money left from my paycheck to save to go away. I need out of this marriage so bad, but I don’t have the money to go away my husband.

I am a mom and have been in a abusive marriage for 35 yrs. I left my husband for 2 years, pondering he would change.

There are many nights I lay in mattress and cry. I have not family help and I don’t wish to burden my kids.

I want them to remain give attention to school and end. If there is any info you can give me to help me please. I’m so lost, confused and ready to surrender. I even have been married for 37 years to a man I was certain I would die with, we now have three children and four grandchildren who I love greater than life it’s self.