Commonly Used Legal Terminology

Commonly Used Legal Terminology

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Legal Terminology: General Terms

The 2nd edition has over 15K authorized phrases for your small business and research use. Although not technically a authorized dictionary,Words and Phrasesalso offers definitions of legal terms. Whereas authorized dictionaries present definitions taken from a variety of sources, Words and Phrases provides definitions taken nearly completely from courtroom opinions.

We date the earliest recognized utilization of every time period somewhat just like the Oxford English Dictionary – the earliest identified use of every time period within the English language. Identity Theft primarily includes either “true name” or “account takeover” fraud. With “true name” someone uses a shopper’s personal info to open new accounts in his or her name. With “account takeover” someone features access to an individual’s present account(s) and makes fraudulent costs.

An abbreviation of “ex relatione”, Latin for “on the relation of.” Information or motion taken that isn’t based mostly on first-hand experience but is predicated on the statement or account of another individual. For instance, a criminal charge “ex rel” signifies that the legal professional common of a state is prosecuting on the premise of a statement of an individual other than the attorney common. Witnesses are introduced to a trial by their examination-in-chief. At that point they answer questions requested by the lawyer representing the celebration which referred to as them to the stand. After the examination-in-chief, the other get together’s lawyer can question them; this is referred to as “cross-examination” (which see).

A one who perceives an occasion (by seeing, hearing, smelling or other sensory perception). The authorized definition refers back to the court docket-supervised recital of that sensory experience, in writing (deposition) or verbally (testimony).

It has been said that “property and law have been born and die collectively. Take away legal guidelines and property ceases.” Property had no relevance earlier than laws had been written and enforced, possession was all that mattered. Instead of jailing an individual convicted of a crime, a decide will order that the particular person report to a probation officer frequently and according to a set schedule. Disobedience of the probate order is a felony offence and is cause for being immediately jailed. The probation orders could have special conditions attached to them, similar to to not depart town, drink alcohol, consume medicine, not to go to a particular place or contact a sure individual.

By thoroughly defining the legal phrases of different languages and comparing them to English, these authorized terms turn into clearer and more understandable and due to this fact easier for international events to just accept. Consequently, this dictionary would also get pleasure from strengthening the various legal languages of the world. Obviously, every nation has its own laws and legal concepts (legal terminology), many of which cannot be translated into English by merely utilizing “equivalent” Anglo-American authorized terminology. Yet business persons around the globe should perceive the legal guidelines of the countries during which they do enterprise.

/…/fee_shifting.html [T&S] A rule or a law that forces the dropping party to pay the legal charges of the winning party. The former hinges on the potential of software agents being thought to be authorized individuals within the eyes of the law. First, the articles can be quite useful as a general introduction to an area of law which is new to you. They provide more in-depth information than a legal dictionary, whereas being nearly as accessible and simple to make use of.

The Clermont County Common Pleas Court does not handle bankruptcy cases. Assignment–To legally switch property or some other proper to a different person or entity. For instance, a mortgage could be assigned from one bank to another. Arraignment–The first appearance in courtroom in a legal case, where the defendant formally knows the charges towards him, enters a plea, has bond set, and if needed, has an lawyer appointed. An particular person scheduled for arraignment ought to seek the advice of with a legal protection lawyer.