Apart from this job Attorney is suitable for Law Graduates

Apart from this job Attorney is suitable for Law Graduates

Graduated from college with an S.H. aka law graduates certainly make the person proud. Law Faculty students must be familiar with thousands of articles and the history of the formation of legal rule, so it is only natural that after graduating there is a sense of pride and relief. A law degree is usually associated with courts, trials, or criminal cases. In fact, there are actually many other professions that you law graduates can pursue. It is also possible if you even want to become a businessman with a law degree behind your name. So that those of you who are currently in college or who have just graduated and are looking for work don’t feel stuck, consider the 8 jobs that I will discuss this time. Of course, it is still very suitable for law graduates to work on.

Legal Staff

Legal staff job positions are needed in many companies, ranging from banks, property, hospitals even though they need legal staff. Law graduates have a great opportunity to work as legal staff because every work agreement letter, company assets, and official documents issued by the government such as deeds or SK will later be managed by legal staff. You law graduates have broader opportunities to enter various business sectors. Your coworkers are not only limited to fellow staff but can deal with company owners directly, of course because all company assets are managed by you.

Law Consultant

Unlike the legal staff in offices, law graduates who work as consultants usually work in institutions. As a law degree, you will apply knowledge related to articles and review documents that will be used for legal purposes such as trials. As I have often witnessed recently, an office that is currently expanding will look for consultants to discuss the completeness of documents and how to deal with process after process in court until the assets that want to be developed are legally registered.


For you law graduates whose heart is called to educate the nation’s children, working as a teacher or lecturer can also be an option. Of course, a law degree is not enough, you need to go back to school before you can register as a lecturer. At a minimum, you must complete a master’s level education before you can apply to become educators on campus.


Law graduates who aspire to work abroad for the benefit of their country can certainly try the diplomatic profession. You will become a representative of a nation who lives in another country, as well as your spouse. The wives of diplomats must share in filial piety by accompanying their husbands on duty, even if you are also a law graduate or have an established career. But take it easy, you will get many new colleagues of course in the country where you work. So, law graduates have a great opportunity to be able to move between countries and do their job if they work as a diplomat.

Notary Public

Of course this profession is also familiar to those of you who are law graduates. To become a notary, you also need to go to school again and take the Notary Masters program. For this program, you can find it at various state universities in Indonesia. The notary profession is one that is enjoyed by law graduates because apart from being able to open a practice at home, it is also not tied to one company. Letters such as house deeds, land deeds, company ownership deeds, though, will be handled by a notary as an official who has been officially appointed by the state to produce an authentic letter.

HRD Staff

It’s not just psychology graduates who can have careers in the resource field. Law graduates also have the opportunity to work as HRD. In addition to fresh graduate law graduates, usually if you already have experience in the field of HR management, it will also increase your profile so that you can have a career in HRD. Law graduates who become HRD can certainly be delegated to re-evaluate company regulations relating to employment.


Not a few law graduates have finally opened businesses in fields that are not related to law. Being an entrepreneur is not new among law graduates. It will actually help you because you know the legal requirements and processes that need to be passed so that your business doesn’t violate the rules. For example, if you want to have a property business, you will know the completeness of the documents that must be available at the time of handover and buying and selling transactions. In essence, your ability as a law degree will complement your entrepreneurial talents which can be your source of income later.

So, you (prospective) law graduates have imagined that you don’t want a career in what field? While many opportunities from various business sectors are open, it’s a good idea to dare to try. For undergraduate other majors, wait for the next review on Glints! Who knows, your major will be the next topic.

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