The Guide To Good Divorceeducational Seminars On Navigating Texas Divorce

The Guide To Good Divorceeducational Seminars On Navigating Texas Divorce


Affidavit Of Parentage Form (Act 305 Of

I actually have so much hate in my coronary heart right now and I am simply stumped on where to go and what to do. He is the money maker of the family and he tends to hang it over my head.

My husband is saying he’s going to change and attain out for help. I’m clueless on what to do if I should transfer on or try with him. I don’t know the way I will present for my son and I and I’m so close to reaching my diploma.

Most of the time I don;t eat i have money to pay for food. I do look in rubbish cans for food when nobody can see me.I even have held out indicators on the street begging for money its very onerous for me to do that. I was my solely approach to get extra cash the my husband doesn’t know I even have.It have taken me a yr to say up most of all you should either go to your Dr and have records of the abuse or call the police. I’m nonetheless residing in my basement of the house once I go to court I will ask the judge to let me keep down here til every thing is together with the settlement. Money is the important thing to getting out that’s one thing I don’t have and may’t get a lot of I cry most nights and sleep perhaps 2 hours a day or night time.

i solely get a number of a month and I can tell the ones I don’t get. I can tell already I really feel 10 years older simply not consuming or getting my meds.

He always says “you wouldn’t be with me if you had somewhere to go” after this has occurred. I drive myself loopy desirous to examine his stuff day by day.

Please assist with advice, love and prayers as a result of I must really feel love once more. I paid my lawyer some cash already still owe him 1300dollars. My youngsters can;t help they stay so far from me I can’t even et to their houses.I’M on ssi and get very little my husband takes it to pay his payments. I do handle to save a number of dollars every wee and give my lawyer that.