The Divorce Support Page

The Divorce Support Page


Do I Need A Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

We simply married for a yr, my love for him was long gone coz I couldn’t imagine I fell in love with a horrible human being like him. I know I will divorce him very quickly, I married him right after faculty, and gor pregnant very fast. Now I even have my precious son, i’m ready to go away him until I can find a job to assist for my son and I. I simply can’t imagine all us ladies are having to undergo this!!

$a hundred Uncontested Divorce

Better to be abused by someone you know than someone you don’t. I actually have been married for nearly twelve years.

So I received’t try to depart my abusive marriage once more, it’s horrible to be abused, however the alternative (having strangers force their fringe politics on me) is worse. The DV mandatory arrest laws are a cash making scheme that leaves couples drained and abused ladies with LESS resources and less help and MORE harassment. After making an attempt to get help from domestic violence people I just hate them and will NEVER use social companies or name the police once more. I’d somewhat die than give my life over to individuals who have such little respect for others and the DV councilors are sociopaths on a control trip themselves. I worth my autonomy an excessive amount of to hand it over to fools.

I am in the same boat, attempting to get sufficient money to leave my husband. I’ve been married for 25 years & have 2 grown sons. And I was the “robust, tough one” out of us 3 kids till I meet my husband. I need out of my marriage so dangerous for years but to scared to do it.

He curses me and our child since he wasnt even born, and nonetheless uses the child to harm me. He has anger points and a few spychological issues but refuses it. When I asks him to go see a therapist, then he blames me as a result of I didn’t do the factor he asked, and that triggers his horrible mood, so it’s my fault. Since he has a PhD, so he thinks he’s smatter than anyone, so anyone tries to give him advince he would insult them, including his mom. He no longer talks to his mother since she advised him to not do something.

Almost since the beginning, we have had main monetary problems. I actually have felt stuck for many years as a result of being financially dependent on him. I have had numerous health issues which have stored me from working. I do not get any sort of “allowance” to purchase garments. I principally tell him after I need one thing (toothpaste, etc.) and he’ll get it.