Is Divorce The Best Option For Me?

Is Divorce The Best Option For Me?


Married Life

What little money I make guess to my automobile fee. Without that, I can be with out the part time job I have( cleansing houses).

I know that men go through marital hardships, too. About seeing your children and youngster support, that’s what our legal system is for.

You have rights as a parent to see your youngsters, so be able to struggle for them. Also, discover out from authorized aid (if cash is an issue) or an legal professional how youngster support works in your state with reference to your earnings, so you’ll be able to know what’s honest regarding your youngsters’ financial care. I actually have 2 youngsters(4yr,10months) and nowhere to go. I already requested my family for help however they’ll’t.

He gets a social security verify during which he canceled his medicaid. There fore, he has to know pay medicare priemums. He turned down Habitat For Humanity to fix the house. He bails his 38 year old technique affected daughter out of jail, pays her fines, loans his other grown working youngsters cash, signs loans, borrows cash from his ninety yr old mother ,then duns my son and myself for cash to pay bills.

There is nothing I can do because I don’t have the cash. So any advice won’t ever significantly appreciated.