Parenting During A Divorce

Parenting During A Divorce


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A good book to learn for anyone who cares…”Too good to go away, Too dangerous to stay …by Mira Kirshenbaum” it helps you to prioritize why you should stay or not. I found it considerably useful, but clearly not an excessive amount of since I am still in this delicate predicament. I’ve been taking the complete pressure of all of my husband’s verbal abuse for 11 years. I’m beginning to understand how much it is costing me and my sanity.

Ten Things You Should Know About Getting Divorced

My husband struggles with melancholy, nevertheless, as he has been climbing the work ladder, he’s been becoming increasingly vain. He makes comments concerning the weight I’ve gained (i’m assured it’s stress related weight achieve) he belittles me and makes me feel horrible for who I am. I know I am a good person, but unsure why I keep.

If I don’t stick with my husband, I’m taking a look at homelessness, poverty, even starvation and dying. I attempt to forgive myself for staying, as a result of as human beings we’re programmed for bodily survival — and I even have to stay to survive. If you possibly can’t survive bodily, who provides a damn in case you are divorced and free from a foul marriage.

This is the part of it that nobody appears to grasp — not well-that means therapists, not society at large. Talk about feeling utterly alone and totally misunderstood! It’s simple to say; virutally unimaginable to do.

I actually have self doubt, low self esteem, and full lack of self worth. I know that deep down, there is still an excellent man beneath all that sickness and selfishness…I just don’t need to be round anymore whereas he wallows in his personal issues. I feel like an empty shell, I’ve given all the emotional help I can, and don’t really feel that there is any left to construct myself back up. I’m sixty three, unable to find a full time job, and haven’t any family left residing who may help me out.

I’m lucky enough that we don’t have kids being concerned in this insanity. Maybe I feel the must be heard, vent, write it out and know that somebody can sympathize and spare a form thought, even if in passing.