How is the typical fitness diet of a Spanish sports person?

How is the typical fitness diet of a Spanish sports person?

Have you ever stopped weighing what is the best diet for gymnastics athletes in Spain? If your goal is to improve your fitness, your exercise routine is just as important as the diet you follow.

For anyone who loves gyms 24/7 in which to carry out your series of exercises, in this post you can find information that interests you, based on the opinions and experiences of those on

Find out what foods are forbidden for athletes

To be a good gymnastic athlete, it is important to have a varied diet. Avoid dieting on vitamin supplements or allow yourself to take care of it to become an obsession. Athletes in Spain often find useful advice about fitness and diet exercises on bodybuilding com.

In any case, there are certain products that it is always better to avoid as much as possible, given the very negative effects they cause on the body itself.

Below we want to share with you a small list of products that you should try to eliminate from your diet:

  • Alcoholic beverages among which we find wine or beer.
  • Industrial pastries, such as chocolate sedans, palm trees, or cream sticks, for example.
  • Pre-cooked foods, such as commercial foods or sauces. The best food is homemade.
  • Before drinking a soft drink with sugar, it is best to prepare a natural juice.
  • Try to replace white sugar with sweeteners such as panel or stevia.

What is the best breakfast for athletes?

It’s time to talk about one of the most important meals of the day, we’ll talk about breakfast. Can’t think of anything better than a muffin coffee?

Pay attention, because this will interest you:

  • Take a freshly squeezed orange juice and accompany it with a slice of whole wheat bread with natural tomato and oil.
  • If you are looking for something faster, opt for a banana and a bowl of oatmeal rolled with milk and raisins.

What to eat after a fitness workout

Finally, you finish your workout and your body starts asking for an energy injection with which you can continue your daily routine.

Something that will satisfy your appetite and provide that nutritional support is a good fitness shake after a workout.

Smoothies are the best way to satisfy your appetite with healthy foods without spending too much time preparing. Milk and fruit are ingredients that combine perfectly.